About Us

Why are we called iAmigo School?

We are your hispanic friends who you can have meaningful and personalized conversations with, while you are actually improving your language skills with a first-rate curriculum that is being constantly updated.

Our Mission

We are conscious that the language learning experience is an individual process carried out in different contexts and for different purposes. For that reason, we believe that creating a friendly and welcoming environment, with professional teachers who are willing to help you feel confident will make your learning journey faster and more effective. Through this friendly yet professional setting, you will truly enjoy the process while becoming fluent in the language.

Get to know your iAmigo family!

iAmigo School is a team of language enthusiasts that work together with the common interest of seeing you reach fluency while spending a great time learning with us.


Valeria is a Colombian teacher, graduated in Languages and Culture. She has experience teaching Spanish to people from different cultures while making strong connections with them. Valeria likes traveling, numismatics, and learning foreign languages. She will help you further develop your language skills.



Passion and commitment are her special strengths. She’s an encouraging teacher who creates a great environment in her lessons by taking into account students’ interests and background knowledge.



Personalizing lessons according to her students’ needs and personalities is her strongest ability. María has been able to help professionals in medicine with their common vocabulary localized into the Spanish translation. Besides, her global vision and previous involvement in kids and adults education will allow you to have an enriching learning experience.



His previous experience in online teaching and DELE tests as well as his particular teaching style will support you in achieving your goals and being a fluent Spanish speaker.



Adapting music and stories to her teaching methodology is one of her talents. Moreover, her previous experience in teaching reading skills to kids and teenagers will allow you to have lots of fun while learning Spanish.



Juliana always creates a meaningful learning experience with useful and real conversations and examples. She is a psychology student from Colombia and focused her career on educational psychology, which gives her the tools to adapt to her student’s needs with different learning strategies.


Ana Oliveros

Her degree in Educational Psychology has made her an outstanding teacher in the last two years as a Spanish and English teacher. Ana is very patient, she is always available to her students and cares for their learning journey. Thanks to this, Ana is able to adapt to her students’ pace so that the learning process is made simpler, more dynamic, and fun.

Alix fondo blanco


Alix is always looking for the appropriate methodology to support her students based on their different needs. Alix is  passionate about pedagogy and she also enjoys interacting with people of different cultures, so that Spanish learning process becomes more dynamic and interesting.

Our Values

Innovation, commitment and excellence in everything are our DNA. In fact, our curriculum and teaching strategies are in constant assessment in order to assure a top-notch service to our students.

Quality and trust are essential principles of our educational work. We consider that the best ideas and results come from constant interaction with our students, so our classes are designed to foster a positive student-teacher relationship. It’s our belief that building rapport with our students is beneficial for classroom engagement and academic success.

If you are interested in partnership or want to become one of our affiliates, please get in touch via support@iamigoschool.com

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