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You can start your Spanish learning experience with iAmigo by following one of either these steps:

1. Get in touch with us

Leave us your email address and one of our representatives will contact you in the following 30 minutes.

2. Try a free lesson

We would love to meet you in a 40-minutes live demo class with one of our highly qualified teachers. That way we will get to know each other better, discuss your goals and interests in learning Spanish, making sure your future classes will be customized accordingly.
Click on GET A FREE LESSON and schedule your free class for the date that best suits you.

3. Sign up

If you are ready to start your Spanish learning journey today, you can choose the package of your preference and enjoy our current promotions.

Have fun with us!

In iAmigo, the most important thing for us is that you get to have fun while learning Spanish. Once you are signed up, you can choose a teacher or we can assign one for you. Your classes will be structured around your goals and the areas you are struggling with.

iAmigo School is the best Spanish language booster!

With iAmigo you will focus on the four aspects of the Spanish language learning process smoothly, by building up, right from the first class, your spoken, written, listening and reading skills in each of your lessons.   All of our teachers are Spanish native speakers, highly trained and ready to guide you in your language learning journey, while at the same time warmly sharing the colorful diversity of Latinamerican culture and traditions. So feel free to be yourself in our friendly environment.





Our students love our Methodology

In fact, iAmigo School created 4 different methods of teaching Spanish so our teachers can recognize which one adapts best to our students learning style, strengths and weaknesses. With a personalized method and curriculum, our one-on-one lessons are proven to be 100% effective.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Questions and Answers

You can sign up with Plan Café if you only want to try it out. Plan Fiesta works best if you want to see great results every three months. But if you have long-term plans and want to become fluent, then Plan Full-Amigo is what fits you best.

Our methodology will teach you from Zero to Fluent with fun lessons! We have different levels built for every student.

We are commonly available from 7am to 9pm Colombia time, Monday through Sunday. But if you have a busy schedule, we are flexible to set the best times around it, whether early in the morning, during the evening or even on weekends.

We have lessons for the whole family! We handle a special methodology and curriculum for each, adults and kids.

iAmigo School is a private business based in Colombia, and our professional teachers are located in different parts of South America.

Each student has an assessment test after the first month, and a certificate will be provided, if requested, according to the student’s current level.

We always provide the best quality of a service, but if you are not fully satisfied with our products within the first 7 days, you can request your money back and we will do a full refund.

We handle different type of levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), alongside a variety or content regarding day to day communication. Once you sign up, our professional teachers will guide you from your current level to fluency.

We work with professional teachers from South America, and we will assign you one that matches best with your personality and preferences.

Mobile applications can help you understand some vocabulary and basic expressions, but they will not prepare you for real world conversations, whether in an informal or professional setting.

Our payment system allows you to use your credit card or debit card, and it will keep your money safe. Paypal is also an option.

After you sign up, you will have access to the lessons with your own user ID, and you’ll be able to schedule the amount of lessons allowed according to your package. You can then do Spanish lessons with professional native speakers via Zoom. We also have a platform where you can find podcasts, audio-books, presentations, different tasks and material made by iAmigo School.

You can schedule your free trial by clicking on the “Get a free lesson” button, or the “Get in touch” button.

Oh, hablas un poquito Español? Don’t worry! Our professional teachers will accommodate the curriculum specially from your current level.

In iAmigo, we’ve created more than 4 methodologies with the intention to make Spanish easy and thus fast to learn.

E-learning is a new way to learn with multiple benefits. You can learn from your personal computer, or mobile to practice whenever and wherever you want. iAmigo School offers you the best resources to learn Spanish in an easy, fun and fast way! Our dedicated teachers and multiple tools will make you improve your level in the language.

One of the best tools is Zoom. So, we recommend you to download the application. If you don’t like Zoom, then Skype or Meet will do! Our teachers will provide you with all the materials and instructions that you will need.

Yes! These are private lessons, so you do not need to wait for a specific starting date. You can choose the best time to start the course!

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